We provide clearer labels for video so viewers can avoid sensitive content. It's like age classifications but on steroids.

Recommend video content to your customers that they will enjoy before clicking play.



These are projects, companies and brands which support Safe Stream.

Unconsenting Media

Unconsenting Media is a database which aims to provide information about rape and sexual assault in TV and movies.

Does the dog die

Crowdsourced emotional spoilers for movies, tv, books and more.

Your project

Do you run a project to help individuals make a safe choice become part of our shared mission, reach out to us.

Survivors of trauma need to check every movie and TV show from third party sites to make sure it is safe to watch

This information is not integrated on any streaming site.

Query for any movie or TV show for damaging content

Our API provides a simple interface to plugin to your product, all we ask is to provide an easy way to ensure your customers get the information they need

Search by name
Insights on adult content
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Protect your content consumers that are looking for help

Become socially responsible. Build trust and faith. Content without the option of insight can be damaging to individuals.

Age ratings aren't enough

For teenagers and children age ratings provide insight into what is appropriate, adults that have been through traumatic experiences need more help.

Help those that suffer... invisibly

We don't know what someone has dealt with in their life, isn't it fair to give them a choice.

The dangers of suggested content

Watching content without a vetting process risks the mental health of such consumers.

Protect your brand

Continually recommending inappropriate content for consumers will damage your brand, subscriptions will be canceled and revenue will be lost.

Up to date insight and guidence from third party sources

We collect our information from a broad range of third parties, we have a list of over a million movies and TV shows with insight that is continually updated.

Daily guidence updates

We source updates, daily to make sure our service has the latest guidence on the newest content.

A grading system of levels of adult content

We grade violence, nudity, and language with a 10 point scale.

Context free descriptions of content

Get additional information, if you need to show more details about the content. Every customer is unique so give them the choice.

Profit sharing

We are committing at least 20% of all our profits to donate to all third parties that publish this important insight.

Simple, transparent pricing.

We want to make this API as accessible for early stage projects and provide flexibility for scale when required.


Looking to test or integrate a simple content guidence API

  • 1000 total requests a month
  • Search for movies and TV shows by title.
  • Detailed guidence for a single piece of content.
  • Create and record consumer preferences
  • Provide a simple recommendation to meet a consumers need
  • Dashboard to keep track of your requests and monthly limits
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  • All API features
  • Unlimited monthy requests
  • Tools to reduce the spend on content acquisition and licensing.
  • Generate reports and analytics based on your customers needs.
  • Team management
  • Licensing of our data for your internal usage.
  • Audit tracking of all requests by IP address
  • Access to webhooks to feed our updates into your current system (coming soon)
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What if I need more then 1k a month requests?

Reach out to us with your project and use case and if you need a reasonable increase for your needs it is likely to be free.

What happens when I hit the API limits?

We will stop serving requests to you until the beginning of the month. We want to limit the potential abuse this API, and be fair to all.

How do I display this content to my users?

That is up to you, we provide an API, you integrate into your current products. We will be providing templates which will be an example of integrations for Laravel, React Native and NodeJS.

I need more technical support can you help?

Contact us below and we will help and offer advice, depending on your project we might be able to provide paid technical services.

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