Netflix, this is why you should integrate Safe Stream.

Make it easy for all of your customers to sit down, relax, and watch Netflix at night without needing to search blogs for content warnings.

Reduce the spend on content acquistion and licensing

Advanced tools to reduce the wasteful spending on content acquisition and licensing. Generate reports based on content in your pipeline and match it with the needs of your customers.

For CEOs

Safe stream will help to safeguard your brand's reputation by proactively providing content guidence in for your customers needs. Become socially responsible and gain the trust of your consumers.

For CFOs

Safe stream will reduce the cost to deliver content guidence for new and older releases. Help to reduce wasteful licensing spending. Reduce the potiential cost of cancelled subscriptions, automatically deliver the latest content insight.

For Marketing Executives

Safe stream can track the most frequently used requests for guidence from your customers, and can work in tandum with your communication and guidence strategies. Get deep insights into the needs of your customers.

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